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 "The Only Journey Is

     The One Within."

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I encourage my clients to take the Journey Within, because I, too, have taken the Journey and it has been my willingness to take the path—and what I have learned from my experiences through that journey—that has made me into the woman and the psychotherapist that I am today.


Reflecting on my life experiences, I can easily identify the foundations for my approach to life in general and psychotherapy in particular. I was born into a family where my older sister, Eliza was an angel who was born with Down Syndrome. Having a sister with a special needs provides me with the unique understanding and empathy of the hardships as well as blessings that parents and the siblings of special needs children face. Despite and in spite of the difficulties, having a child with special needs can teach us how to love unconditionally and how to live in the moment. For that and much more, I am grateful for Eliza—and the gift and legacy that she has bestowed upon me. Eliza,  

“I Lavoo”.


As a young child, I had a curious mind and was a skillful debater. Not surprisingly, I was often encouraged to consider a career as an attorney.  Fortunately, a glimpse into the life of lawyers—by virtue of an admin job at some law firm—transformed my journey and taught me that my passion to help others in the way that I wanted to help them may not be the best fit with the typical dynamic of the legal field. Imbued with empathy, I wanted to nurture my clients’ souls and motivate them to become the best versions of themselves.  Psychotherapy, now law, was my obvious calling, but it was my willingness to consider a career in law that led to my realization of my true calling.  


In 2015, my father was diagnosed with dementia. Suddenly, I became his devoted caregiver. This journey with its joyful moments and stressful times provided me with an insight about myself, and I realized the power of my love and how it was a “Beacon “ that allows me to create a relationship that while it has its own challenges, nonetheless was truly fulfilling and healing. It made me realize that our elders, no matter how fragile they may be, are Gatekeepers/holders of life, dreams, and life experiences. Seeing them as merely fragile and dependent beings can only add to our stress and a sense of hopelessness as caregivers. This Shift in outlook enabled me to cultivate one of the most meaningful relationships in my life and offered me a tremendous opportunity for self-actualization and growth.


Sadly, in 2019, we lost both Eliza and my Dad within a few months of one another. 

And after the loss of my amazing sister, I decided to travel inward to grief/heal. Only then, I was able to recognize that she was in fact the “source” and my “muse” to choose psychotherapy as a profession where I have the opportunity to utilize empathy and non judgmentalism to guide my clients in their own Journey.


As a psychotherapist, I am a sum of my life experiences, my professional knowledge, and training. I am here to guide you to connect with your authentic self and cultivate rewarding and fulling relationships. It is my privilege to accompany and guide you in your journey of self-discovery & healing!



 "The Light Of The Truth Will Always

    Clear The Darkness"

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