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One to one counseling to help my clients address their specific challenges, current crisis or past wounds in order to reach their full potential. Whether the individual struggles with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or relationship difficulties, I assist them develop effective coping skills and strategies to combat these challenges and attain fulfillment and healing.

Individual Therapy

Counseling to facilitate individuals improve their relationship and bond with their family members.  I assist my clients to develop an effective line of communication with their family members and learn different techniques and strategies to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings and establish peace and harmony at home.

Family Therapy

Couple Counseling

Couple therapy is a proven effective environment to get the couple back out of fear patterns to love and safety ones! Through counseling, couples would deepen the knowledge and understanding of themselves, their partner and the relationship. The couple will learn how to  structure their priorities and communication skills to allow each to feel love, empathy and connection with their partner.

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